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Date: 13th Oct 2013

On Saturday morning at 0930HRS, a group of 40 students from SMK Manjelara Kepong lead by Cikgu Kamil and support teachers. It was just after the PMR examination. They came to test theirmettle and courage on their “Jelajah Gua Damai” package.
After some stretching exercises, they got down to be briefed by Mustapha. After that they were made into into 2 groups, equipped with safety gears. The first group started through the jungle.The second group started on their abseiling lesson and proceeded with their trekking after an hour. It was an unforgettable to get to know the traditionalherbs plants along the trek. 

After 1 hourof trekking, climbing and scrambling, they take a break at Gua Anjing and prepared for the Zip Line.
“””Gliding the Zip Line is fun and best …….”””  that is one of the comments of the students who had never done it before.
The students were then provided headlamp/torchlight for educational caving. Mustapha led them to explore the below sea water level cave, Ichibawa Cave(Phearatic Cave). Before starting the exploration, participants were once again reminded not to touch the formations in the cave. After taking a head count, they then proceeded into the chamber. In the caves, they saw bats and cave crickets. 
After their lunch break, they went trekking into the Big Tree Cave.

All activities went smoothly, despite most of them being first timers. Activities ended  withabseiling 70 feet  from the Big Tree Cave to platform.
Congratulations Cikgu Kamil and students….hope you guys enjoyed the trip.


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