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On 11th Jan, 2014, A group of students from KUIS (Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor) came by bus this morning. All 42 of them alighted from the bus and took their first breath of fresh air at Gua Damai Extreme Park. Breakfast was then served before they were introduced to En. Mustapha, the park Manager.
They students were briefed by their teacher En Noor Azman and En Mustapha about caves and jungle trekking at Gua Damai. They were then formed into six groups to practice on their tent set up and dismantling skills.
In the late morning, each one of them got their safety gears and proceeded to climb up the mountain to get to the other side of the mountain face. Once the students and their ever high spirit teachers, got onto the ‘flying fox’ or zip line, one by one. Each one took turns to experience the exhilarating ride downhill.
The next activity was caving and all of them were first timers to caves. Their teacher had earlier gave them briefing about the cave formations.  Many of the students expressed their satisfaction because they were to able to see the cave formations at close range.
They then had lunch before going uphill trekking to get to the abseiling part. Many were panting but most of the young college students were fit as a fiddle.
The day ended at 6.45PM, with good weather conditions the whole day through.

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