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Date: Feb 8, 2014

After a long Chinese New Year break, 43 boys came in a style with pink sleeves and black background T-shirt, arrived at 8.30am punctually. They were accompanied by their  caring teacher, Cikgu Noor Azman and his team. Three students who were late, came riding on their motorcycles and caught up with the group.

They were quickly briefed and formed 6 small groups to get to their task of setting up tents. Then the had their breakfast of nasi lemak and teh-O. On time at 10.30am, the first group got going to trek for the traditional herbs lesson.

In “Ichibawa Cave”, they learned a lesson to be  good and responsible leaders. Enjoying the speleothem… 1 1/2 hours in the cave felt like only 20 minutes. They loved and enjoyed caving.

“Chili Padi Cave”, they see stalagmite and rim stone dam.

The two groups trekked to “Big Tree Cave”, and found the huge pillar . They ended the day safely by going down  the orange staircase. (No Abseil).

Congratulations, guys! Your team is the fastest among the groups that came so far. By 5.30pm most of the team members were ready to get on to the bus, back their colleges at KUIS

Source: Guadamai

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