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20th Sept 2015 – Sunday

The Wildlife Warriors from German Malaysia Institute came over to Gua Damai Extreme Park, the best rock climbing site in Malaysia, to offer their community service. In the morning, they had visited the Dark Cave and at noon, they sat down for their lunch under our shady tree here.

The park’s manager, Mustapha welcomed them. He then gave a short briefing on the extreme park. The students were pleased to learn about cave conservation and the ways to go about it.  The GMI students were equipped with helmets, hand gloves, water bottles and pails. They took the long staircase up to the Big Tree Cave. Although they have performed community services many times before, cave conservation is a first for them. Mustapha explained to them about cave formation. Along the way, he showed them the stalactite, stalagmite, pillar , flowstone and cave curtain.

The conservation work ended at 5PM. Mustapha thanked the Wildlife Warriors for their effort and for choosing Gua Damai as their location to conduct a community service. Their lecturer Puan Adibah Halilah bt Abdul Mutalib mentioned that this is their first experience. Though they were tired, it was truly a great learning experience through the knowledge gained in that few hours. She promised that they would return to Gua Damai Extreme Park to enjoy the outdoor extreme activities here.

Source: Guadamai

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