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Life After BASE Jump event

This morning we had a big group of participants from Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS). They were at Gua Damai Extreme Park to experience caving, abseiling and flying fox activities.

We were all ready and on standby at 7.30AM. Preparation had been done 2 days ago. The safety and route checks were all important to us. With radio communicator, things are much easier. Unlike in the old days, where we had to depend on runners to deliver information for execution of tasks.

Briefing was carried out before any activity to inform all the participants of safety precautions, paths and to watch out for each other. This aspect of safety briefing is important although we may be already familiar with the area. Accidents do happen when we are lacking in alertness.
There is a Malay saying “Jangan bersuka suka sangat, nanti menangis pula” which means do not be overzealous in enjoyment, you may end up crying. This saying asks us to be careful and cautious at all times, while enjoying an activity. Be aware of your surrounding environment.
Wherever, we may be.

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