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Rock Climbing


Gua Damai (Damai Wall) is specially constructed for those keen on learning the basics of rock climbing.  

Situated behind the Batu Cave hill, this training centre shall be the first of its kind. It has more then Sixty (60) bolted routes with grades ranging from 5 to 7’s, making it suitable for newcomers to the sport. There are also two (2) other natural protection route, good for learning how to use the natural protection devices used in rock climbing.

 The summit of Gua Damai, there was a platform for “BASE Jump at height of 96M and landed on the football field opposite.


 The area has basic amenities such as a toilet, bench, dustbin, table and lighting for night climbing. There is also a Climbing Guide Book available to visitors.



The training centre is managed by 4B Association (Gerakan Belia 4B) . Wira Adventure Consultant is actively promoting rock climbing as a sport and therefore will attempt to make it accessible to all. In line with the above, WAC is introducing basic rock climbing course for beginners. Rock climbing course has 3 stages as below:-    


Stage I Rm 150.00 per pax

Stage 2

Rm 150.00 per pax

Stage 3

Rm 150.00 per pax

  • Knowing the equipments
  • Tying the knots
  • Rules of belaying
  • Safety fundamentals
  • Bouldering
  • Communication
  • Basic climbing (top rope)
  • Belaying
  • Communication
  • Leading a route
  • Clipping in
  • Descending
  • belaying
  • Knots
  • Safety
  • Belaying
  • Communication
  • Leading & seconding a route
  • Using natural Protection, Putting in protection & Removing protection
  • Descending